Independence Day: What You Should Know About Yellow Trumpet, Nigeria’s National Flower


Recently the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle revealed that she had the flower of all 53 Commonwealth countries included in her wedding veil and that was the first time I was hearing that countries have a national flower.

In honour of our 58th independence day, here is what you need to know about the Nigerian national flower.

Costus Spectabilis is the Nigerian national flower. It is also called yellow trumpet.

The flower which is also included in the coat of arms was chosen for inclusion in the coat of arms as it is found all over Nigeria and also stand for the beauty of the nation.

The flowers are painted red in the Coat of arms.

Nigeria is not the only country where the flower is found, it is found from Sierra Leone to Sudan to as far south as Angola and Zimbabwe.

The flowers are showy, yellow, and open singly and die rapidly, but are immediately followed by another. The texture of the flower is soft and thin.

Yellow Trumpet has 109 species and they are closely related to the ginger family.

It is found in wooded grassland and deciduous woodland, occasionally near termite mounds or around rocks.

You can get tips on how to grow and care for the Yellow Trumpet here

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

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