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Kenyan Women Started #MyAlwaysExperience and It Broke All Menstruation Taboos

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Kenyan Women Started #MyAlwaysExperience and It Broke All Menstruation Taboos

In African, talking about your menstruation is a taboo. In some societies, a woman going through menstruation is considered unclean and she must be secluded from public until the period passes.

Period shaming happens in schools, homes, religious organisations. When the #MyAlwaysExperience started trending on Kenyan Twitter, women used the hashtag to highlight their menstruation experience with Always Pad, one of the most popular sanitary pads across the continent.

These women boldly compared the product to foreign ones and complained about the quality they are subjected to.

Many women complained about itching and other skin irritations after their period.

These women spoke up about their menstrual health and impact of the sanitary pads they use.

A topic that is considered taboo, these women were brave enough to let their voices be heard.

This singular action has led Kenya Bureau of Standards to launch an investigation into the quality of Always pads in the country.

Always is a brand of feminine hygiene products, including maxi pads, ultra thin pads, pantiliners, and feminine wipes, produced by Procter & Gamble. Always is described as P&G’s first truly global brand.

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