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Ladies, Here is How to Have a Productive Week

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Ladies, Here is How to Have a Productive Week

We all wish Monday will be declared part of the weekend because we are all afraid of Monday and what it brings. This is the reason why as young ladies, we definitely have to know how to have a productive week.

Here are a few tips

Map Out Your Week

You have to prepare for the week over the weekend, map out your to do list, meetings, arrangements, clothes to wear, things to do in the office etc. You don’t have to wait till Monday morning before drawing out the week. Do that ahead of time.

Scale of Preference

Prioritise, do things according to how important it is in the scale of preference. Ensure you achieve the important things first before delving in the less important things. Execute the bigger project first before chasing after the less important ones.

Boost Your Energy

Give yourself a good headstart by boosting your energy. Do a quick workout on a Monday morning, say a long prayer to cover the week. Just ensure that you boos your energy by doing something that will uplift your spirit. This will definitely help you get through the week.


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