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Ladies, Here is Why You Need to Learn a Skill

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Ladies, Here is Why You Need to Learn a Skill

Growing up in Africa comes with a lot of challenges. You have to work extra hard to get into school and after getting into school, you have to work extra hard to graduate. The saddest part is that after going through all that stress and struggle, you still have to work super extra hard to get a job.

Unemployment is one of the major problems in Africa. Nigeria alone has over 16 Million Unemployed youths.

This is a country that churns out millions of graduates every year and admit twice that number in higher institutions across the country.

Unemployment is an issue that all young African graduates rich or poor, have to content with at one point or the other in their lives.

We cannot blame our parents for unemployment, neither can we blame religious institutions. African governments need to start checking the quality of education in their countries, provide infrastructure, legislation to guarantee employment and enabling environment for young people who choose entrepreneurship to thrive.

As an individual who is willing to be independent, you have to learn a skill to supplement your formal education.

The world is evolving, many professionals will soon be replaced with robots, the technology age is driving innovation is unprecedented forms.

You cannot sit back and relax. You have to evolve. Powerful search engines like Google is providing opportunities for you to find information on virtually anything you can think of online.

You can develop your hobbies and your passion right in your bedroom. Become a problem solver and think about how you can positively impact your community and create solutions.

Think outside the box.

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