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Our Community is also on Telegram


Our Community is also on Telegram

Our Community is also on Telegram

In four days, the 2019 Lion King remake will be showing in Cinemas across the world. Those of us whose childhood was hinged on Lion King will troop to the Cinema to relive the moments that bought tears and joy to our hearts.

A temporary distraction to the real issues of life. Living as an adult is hard, living and surviving as a young African woman is harder. The daily struggle is real. Getting a job, keeping a job, learning a trade, running a business, finding a life partner, raising children, attending and finishing school.

The list is inexhaustible. This list and figuring out how to be better amidst a community of elegantly confident African women is the reason why I created Araba.

Empowering women to be awesome in all facets of their lives is the goal. Our community is live on Telegram, join the group, invite your friends, everyone is welcome!

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