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Potential Benefits of Deleting Your Social Media Page

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Potential Benefits of Deleting Your Social Media Page

Due to data privacy issues occurring lately, #DeleteFacebook has been growing. In different climes, people have started exploring the benefits of completely staying off social media.

Here are the benefits of deleting your social media page.

Better Sleep

You no longer will be obligated to stay up at night checking Instagram for the latest skits or watching Facebook videos. Your nights will be free of distractions and you will finally get to finish that book you have been reading all month.

Less Anxiety

Research says excessive social media and technology use is associated with a lot of bad stuff—like high anxiety, low quality of life, and depression. Responding to new messenger messages and adding new friends can cause a lot of anxiety.

More time for your hobbies

If you channel all your energy to your hobbies like running, singing, writing etc. You will have less time for social media and all the stress associated with social networks.

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