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Profile, Egypt First Lady, Entisar al-Sisi


Profile, Egypt First Lady, Entisar al-Sisi

Profile, Egypt First Lady, Entisar al-Sisi

Entisar al-Sisi is the First Lady of Egypt, she is married to Abdel Fattah el-Sisi , the sixth president of Egypt.

She received her high school diploma in 1977. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Ain Shams University.

She has three sons and a daughter, she became the first lady after her husband became president in 2014.

She is very passionate about the development of Egypt. In a Facebook post to mark International Day For Older Persons, she wrote

“We have to pay tribute to our fathers and mothers, and all previous generations, to whom we owe a great thanks to what they have done for the advancement of this society, and the work they have done to build it properly, thanks to them all

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