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Relocating? This Facebook Post on Living Abroad is All The Advice You Need

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Relocating? This Facebook Post on Living Abroad is All The Advice You Need

Relocating? This Facebook Post on Living Abroad is All The Advice You Need

Are you planning on relocating anytime soon? You need to read this Facebook post by Zee Ibrahim

On living in the abroad by Zee Ibrahim 👇🏾

This is based on my experience of 14 years in the US, those around me and those I have had the opportunity to encouraged and advise on this issue.

1. School: It is important that you have some type of degree and/or certification. You don’t have to be PhD holder, however most work here even if you want to do your own business will need some type of certification or license. Don’t waste your time, if you want to go to school, get a part time/full time job and combine it with evening school.

Three to fours years or less you will be done. If you have a family, work it out with your wife or husband, if one person will go first then the other. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH TO DO NURSING just because many people say go do it to make good money. If you are not passionate about it do not waste your time. Choose something you are passionate about. It pays off later.

For those still in school in Nigeria, please take your school seriously. I went to fed poly bida, my transcript was evaluated to an equivalent of Bsc By world education services. I was in the 3.5gpa HND and when done I was at 3.1gpa. I did my second degree here in Food/nutrition and 90 credits were transferred from my Bida transcript. I only had to do 30 credits to complete 120 credits needed for bachelors here. So yes your Nigeria school transcript is worth it if you do well. In the case where you are changing course then it might be different.

Keep abreast of new studies as related to your profession. Attend free seminars, workshops and all. It pays off. Before I passed my board exam, I must have attended over 50 or more or such to keep my nutrition knowledge going. 3-4 years down the line when I got the government job, my certificate of attendance were all useful. They asked if I have such.

2. Drop the oversized ego, entitlement mentality, changing dollar to Naira, laziness attitude: it is important that you leave your entitlement mentality/ego in Lagos/Abuja airport before you board the plane. No one owes you anything and no one is obligated to do anything for you. Be reminded that when you start living abroad the standard of living is very different, the currency is different, your income will be based on the standard of living in America not Nigeria. It’s an absolute waste of time when you make $10 and you quickly change it to Naira. I know many people who live this way even after many years of being here. This makes them comfortable earning minimal income. They earn $10 an hour, work 12-16 hours a day, they don’t see the need to grow from there and it goes on and on. Drop the lazy attitude, DROP IT!! It will get you pain and more pain. You will end up with nothing.

3. Hard work/focus/ determination
Be ready to work hard at least until you get to the stage where your hard work can get you a decent job with decent pay. Be ready to make sacrifices. If you are single you have more chances, for those married, this is the point where you will need a husband/wife who isn’t selfish, envious and want your downfall by all means. If unfortunately you do have such person, you will continue to work relentlessly without anything to show for it.

4. Friends/associations/church/mosque:
Choose your friends wisely!!! Very important to make a good choice. Associate your self with those that will encourage, challenge and grow you. Be ready to give back as well. Don’t just be there to take and take. You are going to need different people with different personalities to learn more about life here. Those that will teach you how to deal with difficult bosses and colleagues. Those that will be your mentor, those you will mentor, those that will want to compete with you and many more. Learn from everyone.

5. Religion: it’s good to go to church/Mosque and be involved but have a limit. Find God yourself, refuse to be brainwashed. If all you have in such places is cliques of gossipers, aso ebi, show off of who has more gold than another, competition of buying houses, cars and all those things. Stay the F away!! They will pull you down.

6. Time Management: Spend your time wisely, stop the procrastination, have time for fun and when it’s time to be serious. Get things done. Be flexible at work when you get to that point. Trust me there is always someone watching. Be reliable at work, apart from you building work ethics for yourself, you will be prepping yourself for opportunities that might come to you just because your have been reliable/flexible and someone was watching all along.

7. Spend wisely/expenses: NO ONE GIVES A SHIT about what you wear or don’t wear!!! If you have to work one or more week of long hours to buy the coach, Michael kors, please stay away from it until you can conveniently do so without hurting your bills. Stop the damn competition and show off. Don’t run your credit cards into thousands on unnecessary stuff. Credit cards are for emergencies.

8. CREDIT WORTHINESS: it is very important to be credit worthy. Your credit history and scores determines who will give you loan if needed. Your credit will be pulled most times. Your want a phone with contracts, you want a car, house, some jobs will also do this. Ofcourse there are other ways of getting a phone (pay as you go) or buy car from auction.

However, the longer you live in this country you will need to do somethings that requires your credit to be pulled. Not paying your bills on time, high credit card balance, age of credit history and other determines how bad/good your credit it. Do not co-sign for anyone who isn’t responsible. Don’t do my brother/sister from Nigeria. If the person don’t pay then you are liable.

9. Welfare/Government help/Telling lies on Forms: If you need help please by all means apply for welfare. I have done it too and I got off it when I was able to pay my bills without wahala. Avoid telling lies on forms. Say it the way it is. Don’t fake anything. It will come back to hunt you. When I got a job with the US Army/fed government, they did intense background check, lots of paper work and screenings. If they found anything then, I would have lost the job. The welfare questions were there. They wanted to know every thing I did in the past years including my years in Nigeria. My school name and address were all listed. You might say, oh I don’t think I will ever do such job but 10 years down the lane you applied and it will come down to the lies you told many years ago. Get away from illegal stuff even as you live in Nigeria. It does come back to hunt one way or the other.

10. Take opportunities even when it seems odd to many: Especially for those single, don’t be hesitant to take opportunities outside your comfort zones. Sometimes those good opportunities and easily to grow jobs are located on the odd places where no one wants to go. I am not saying go to places where you will be unsafe but for those who want to grow, looking at those opportunities might be helpful.

Stay away from negative people even if they are your family. Love them from a distance. It works magic. If you fall in love with the wrong person, borrow yourself brain to break it off and move on.

Don’t expect to come here and be a billionaire in one, two or even 3 or 5 years. It doesn’t work like that. It take patients, perseverance, hard work to get to the top.

I hope this helps.. I do have many more but I will stop here lol 😂 before I write a book.. Thanks y’all!

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