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Why You Should Consider Social Media Customer Care


Social media customer care is simply a way of handling customer service over social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc which leads to amplification of  your customer service story. recently created an infographic on how to effectively optimise social media customer care. This Infographic Presents the Importance and Benefits of giving attention to the compliments on the Social Media for Businesses.

5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Grow Your Small Business



Facebook can be referred to as the mother of all social networks, with about 3.5 billion likes every day and 1.4 billion users, 20% of the world’s population is on Facebook and a huge percentage of this people can be advocates of your brand.

Think about it, with the right kind of engagement on Facebook and a little investment in adverts, you have the opportunity to reach so many people. Facebook ads are also targeted in such a way that it almost meets people at the point of their needs.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Use Facebook to Grow Your Small Business

Improve Your Facebook Home Page

Don’t just list the name of the business and write a short description of the business, write long description, include a web address if you have one, use a catchy cover photo and profile photo. Ensure that your page stands out, so that when people stumble on it, they will be interested in liking.

In all your offline and online marketing efforts, let people know that you are on Facebook. Constantly redirect people to your home page.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is your secret weapon. It’s an ingenious way of extending your online reach. Think about it. Facebook graph search ranks people, pages, apps, groups, places etc. With such tool, you can find your perfect customer either individually or in their niche network.

Streamline Your Social Media Channels

You shouldn’t expect your Facebook page to exist in isolation, unite it with your other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. it helps you save effort and promote your content concurrently, because what you post on one will automatically connect with the other one.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Giveaways

People will be motivated to like when they know that there is something waiting at the other end of the line. It can be a free gift or a free service, giveaways are baits that lure your customers in. This also helps with your word of mouth advertising. By the time your lucky winner testifies to the goodness of your product or service, be rest assured that there will be plenty people waiting at the end of the line to also experience this goodness.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Twitter gives you 140 characters to express yourself, Instagram gives you just one shot, Facebook gives you enough space for all the characters you need to talk the talk. So talk the talk and don’t stop talking, let people know that you are an authority in your field. Post relevant shareable content that is worthy of anyone’s time.