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6 Different Types of Interviews You Must Know About



Long before you joined the job search sphere, interviews probably didn’t mean anything to you. It was just a word you hear people say.

Just like the way you didn’t understand the importance of JAMB when you were in primary school, Job interviews were obscure.

Now Interviews mean the world to you and once you get an email with Interview as subject, you heart beats faster and you almost count minutes to the D-day.

As a job seeker, here are 6 different types of interviews you must know about.

Telephone Interviews

Initial employer call that eliminates candidates based on essential criteria. Successful applicants are usually invited to the one-to-one stage.

Not all organisations conduct telephone interview, but usually it is the first step because your mannerisms on the phone will sum up the first impression your interviewer will have when you finally meet them.

Video Interview

Oh yes, Skype interviews exist, if your potential boss isn’t in the country and the position needs to be urgently filled, you might get a Skype interview.

For some organisations, Skype interviews are usually held during the initial screening process. This type of interview is popular for roles in sales, media and marketing.

One-to-one Interviews

Face-to-face encounter with one interviewer, after the organisation decides that you’ve got what it’s looking for. They’re usually formal, but can also take place over lunch.

You can be interviewed by different people. The good thing about one to one interviews is that it takes away the ‘multiple’ efforts that come with the panel interview and you just have to convince your interviewer that you have got what it takes.

Panel Interview

Similar to one-to-one interviews, except two or more people – often from different parts of the organisation – will be assessing you at the same time.

In a panel interview, you might also have a consultant who sits to make his or her own independent assessment for the company.

Group Interviews

Here, multiple candidates are interviewed together. They’re asked questions in turn, or discuss certain topics.

Although this type of interviews is not so common, they work best sometimes because employers want to be able to compare people vividly.

Assessment Centers

These involve tasks including presentations, written tests, and group and role-play exercises. They’re used to assess a candidate’s performance in a range of situations, and last between one and three days. You’ll appear alongside several other candidates.

Sometimes, recruitment agencies use this process to select the best candidate for their clients.