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These Gender Inequality Statistics Will Shock You


These Gender Inequality Statistics Will Shock You

These Gender Inequality Statistics Will Shock You

Gender Equality impacts our community one way or the other. Issues like rape, gender pay gap, unequal laws and ingrained societal beliefs draw women back. Here are three gender inequality statistics that will shock you.

$95 billion a year

Amount of money estimated to be lost from economies in sub-Saharan Africa each year because women have lower participation in the paid labour force. (Source: UNDP, 2016)


The number of countries that have at least one law treating women and men differently (e.g., applying for a passport, conferring citizenship to their children, having their testimony carry the same evidentiary weight in court). (Source: World Bank, 2016)


Number of countries that do not criminalize marital rape. There is also no specific law against domestic violence in 49 countries and no legislation to address sexual harassment in 45 countries. (Source: World Bank, 2016)

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