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This Website is Helping African Americans Find Their African Roots

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This Website is Helping African Americans Find Their African Roots

The Hate You Give is an American film that highlights the daily struggles of African Americans in the United States. For the first time in my life, I could connect with how difficult it is living in a society that is rigged against your skin colour.

As Africans living in Africa, skin colour is one aspect of our lives we often overlook. When we think about skin colour, we only think in terms of “how can I make it look more beautiful” not when the police pull you over, put your hands on the dashboard because you can be persecuted or killed for driving while black.

I can’t say I completely understand but I can empathize with African Americans. Living in a society where people make you feel less human because you are not white, no one deserves that.

I stumbled on African Ancestry, a website that helps African Americans find their African roots. I watched a Buzzfeed video where three young African Americans took a DNA test to determine their ancestry.

It was really funny because these are things I have never had to question in my life. I am Nigerian, my ancestors were Nigerian, I don’t have to wonder how or who am I.

African Ancestry pioneered African lineage matching in the United States utilizing its proprietary DNA-database to more accurately assess present-day countries of origin for people of African descent.

These DNA tests have impacted the lives of more than 100,000 African Americans including global leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, Isaiah Washington, John Legend and Spike Lee.

African Ancestry has a couple of high profile partners and high profile reveal. Imagine my astonishment when I saw Chadwick Bosman’s name and Nigeria listed as part of his ancestry.

You know that feeling you get when you are watching an American movie and you see African American actors who look like people you know and you are like, this one can pass for an Igbo man or this one can pass for a Yoruba man or a Ghanaian.

Well that feeling is real, African American really came from Africa and I kid you not, you share the same ancestors with some of them.

The world is a very funny place.

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