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To My Father, One Last Goodbye is Too Much to Bear

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To My Father, One Last Goodbye is Too Much to Bear

Daddy, people came, many people filled the house, they were sad, they talked about how wonderful and hardworking you were.

Daddy, the silence is frightening so I move around and talk to people so that the deafening silence will not get to me.

Daddy, you were larger than life and in death, you were equally larger than death.

Daddy, your coffin is wine and it was laced with white and purple inside. You were always so practical so I figured you must have liked it.

Daddy, Mummy cried a lot and I wonder how she will go on without you, she was the single flower on your rock. I hope she has the strength to carry on.

Daddy, you were the rock that held us all together, you were strong, fearless and you gave us a legacy that we will not take for granted.

Daddy, the house will feel empty without you and I will continue to lock the doors and lock the gate just like the way you always insisted.

Daddy, he came to say goodbye and you guys never got to have a conversation the way I imagined.

Daddy, I never said goodbye because I always knew I would see you in the evening but this time around, I have to say goodbye because I will not see you again.

Daddy, I am grateful I got that Masters, I am sorry I didn’t get married at 25 but I promise to get the Doctorate and get married soon.

Daddy, you were an exceptional teacher and your students mourned.

Daddy, Iyiola thinks you will soon wake up and she insists that when she changes the channel to Channels, you will come and watch the news.

Daddy, I am sorry I didn’t write an epistle about you before you died, I am sorry it is coming at a time when you cannot read it anymore.

Daddy, a few sentences cannot describe your absoluteness, only a book can.

Daddy, I love you and I am sure you will always watch over us.

Daddy, goodbye.

In memory of my father, S.M. Adebisi Adekanye, who died on March 20th, 2019

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  1. Demola Adefajo

    March 21, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    What a shock! He worked so hard to produce a class of educated Nigerians. I was contemplating approaching him for an interview to promote his book on my Blog. Unfortunately, we were too much consumed and distracted by the events surrounding 2019 elections to sit down
    Adieu Baba Adekanye

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