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We Can’t Legitimise Transactional Sex

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We Can’t Legitimise Transactional Sex

All relationships involve some form of transaction. The transaction can involve gifts or other things. However the explicit distinction of transactional sex is sex exchanged for money or any other material gifts. There is a definite motivation to benefit something for the exchange of sex outside the confines of marital commitments.

In Sub Saharan Africa, transnational sex is usually is born out of poverty and a desire for a better life. In a society where women are conditioned to think that a man must take responsibility for them one way or the other, transactional sex is reinforced by a society that draws women back.

A few weeks ago, a group of woman started Market March to protest the sexual harassment of women in markets. When the women walked down Yaba Market protesting this harsh reality, the main progenitors of the crime only laughed and increased their ire.

Women cannot safely walk on the road without having men stare them down. Young girls often realise their ability to sway and use their bodies early in life.

Transactional sex is an epidemic that cannot be avoided, whatever the motivation, we have to teach our girls that they can achieve a better life without selling their bodies in any way.

Falz made a statement, he released an album titled moral instruction. People from every corner wanted his head because he dared to speak the truth.

Twitter Feminists and activists started defending transactional sex by saying a woman is free to do whatever she wants with her body including selling it for sex.

Transactional sex is a form of sex work. It is a vehicle of migration is some parts of Africa. Increase in HIV/AIDs is one of the risks of transactional sex.

Economic empowerment of the girl child can help reduce the tendency towards transactional sex.

We cannot sit back and legitimise transactional sex. We have to teach our girls to dream and work hard. If they combine hardwork and motivation, their success is limitless.

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