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We Need to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Africa

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We Need to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Africa

We Need to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Africa

Pregnancy should not be a death sentence. In Africa, many women never survive pregnancy and childbirth.

One way or the other, we have all seen the devastating effects of maternal mortality. From the woman who died in childbirth to the woman who lost her life during pregnancy.

A woman’s death in the family steals a certain amount of joy that cannot be replaced.

Sub-Saharan Africans suffer from the highest maternal mortality ratio – 533 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, or 200,000 maternal deaths a year. This accounts for 68% of deaths worldwide.

Leading causes of Maternal Mortality in Africa include Malaria, Unsafe Abortion, Hemorrhage, Hypertensive disease of pregnancy, obstructed labour among others.

Reexamining access to ante natal care is key to reducing maternal mortality.

In some communities, women rely on churches and unqualified health assistants to provide during pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes this has negative outcomes for both mother and child.

Providing skilled birth attendants in each community and improving access to ante natal care will go a long way in improving maternal mortality.

Raising awareness can also cause behavioral change. Maternal mortality is a reality that cannot be easily dismissed and we need to start paying more attention and discuss how to reduce it.

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