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We Need to Talk About Child Sexual Abuse

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We Need to Talk About Child Sexual Abuse

We Need to Talk About Child Sexual Abuse

Using a child for any form of sexual stimulation is called Child Sexual Abuse. There is a rising case in Nigeria and this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Open an daily newspaper and you will find one or two cases of Child Sexual Abuse.

Here is a typical example

These days, it is a never ending circle of sad stories and ridiculous excuses. Child Sexual Abuse is a menace that needs to be addressed.

Ukraine is proposing a law to mandate chemical castration of offenders. A move that has been lauded.

Child Sexual Abuse can occur in a series of places, home, school, religious setting, village, city. The global prevalence currently stands at 19.7% for females and 7.9% for males. Surprisingly, 30% of offenders are usually relatives and known acquaintances.

Victims of Child Sexual Abuse often deal with a lot of physical and psychological damage through childhood and adulthood.

They mostly grow up with repressive feelings of failure and anger that distorts their happy life especially in situations where they don’t have anyone to confide in.

In Africa, we are masters at killing emotions and just living. When something bad happens, we don’t talk about our grief or trauma. We just move on.

This is the reason why most victims of Child Sexual Abuse never speak out. When it happens, it is always placed in a box of things to never revisit, no one goes back to check how the victim is doing emotionally.

Child Sexual Abuse can happen anywhere, in any form and preventing it is the only way to stop it.

The Nigerian Child Rights Act provides adequate legal protection for Nigerian children but enforcement and monitoring is still lacking in many states.

Despite the continued advocacy against Child Marriage, it is still ongoing in some communities across the nation.

Providing a safe haven for your children in the home is the first step to preventing child abuse.

Ensure your children learn about consent and age appropriate sexual education.

Be a parent that listens to the needs of the child.

Hostility and aggression will now cut it, always provide a listening hear and monitor everyone around your child even close relatives.

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