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Why every woman should always use a Deodorant

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Why every woman should always use a Deodorant

You cannot underestimate the importance of using deodorants. Every hour we spend awake is dependent on our wellbeing and deodorants play a vital role in our wellbeing as women. While deodorants can seem like a way to get rid of body odour and smell nice all day, there are other vital benefits you should be aware of.

Prevention of bacterial growth in the armpit

When you wear deodorant, the sterilising ingredients in the deodorant kills any bacteria found in the armpit. It also prevents the formation of any bacteria that will have a negative impact on the health of your skin.

Removes bad smell

Sweating can make you uncomfortable especially due to its bad smell. Once you start sweating, the next thing to consider is having your bath, however with a deodorant, you can get through all the stress of the day without necessarily worrying about how you smell.


Deodorants keep you refreshed all day, no matter how exhausted you are, deodorants will help improve your mood and ready to face the day.

Quick Fact: The first commercial deodorant, Mum, was introduced and patented in the late nineteenth century by an inventor in United States, Edna Murphey.

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