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Why Relationships and Performance is Key to Career Success

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Why Relationships and Performance is Key to Career Success

As women, we like to compete with every thing. As colleagues , you compete with bags, shoes, output, quality of work, who is closer to the boss, who drives the best car, who wears the most expensive hair. We virtually compete with everything.

The most ridiculous aspect of this competition among female colleagues is that it is not to anyone’s benefit. Instead of banding together to help each other succeed in the workplace, women often find ways to draw each other back.

You might not realise it yet but relationships, building concrete relationships with the people you work with and the people in your work cycle is the key to success.

You must have heard “your network is greater than your net-worth” and you might be wondering what it means but hey, it means that your relationships have more value than your financial position.

Same goes for workplace achievements. Wall Street Veteran Carla Harris sums this up in her TED Talk.

She emphasized the importance of building relationships with people who will be willing to use their currency to push for your promotion and success in the workplace.

It is not just enough to be good at what you do, it is also important that there are people willing to vouch for your excellence.

Your male colleagues understand this dynamic, that is why you see then discussing football club affiliations and politics.

Let us create health work environments and relationships to our benefit. Approach your boss male or female and strike conversations outside work duties.

Find common grounds and engage them.

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