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Why The New Zealand Shooting Should Make You Worried About Tolerance and Diversity

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Why The New Zealand Shooting Should Make You Worried About Tolerance and Diversity

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Last Friday, over 50 people were killed in two mosques in New Zealand. The killings were as a result of a mass shooting by a killer who live streamed murder on Facebook.

The killer was later identified as a 28-year-old man Australian man Brenton Tarrant who legally owned guns and had previously posted anti-Muslim propaganda online.

Fathers watched their sons die, mothers mourned their children and husband lost wives in the shooting.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the country will reform her gun laws to prevent such occurrences in the future.

It happened in New Zealand but the shooting should concern everyone across Africa because of the growing anti-religious, anti-black propaganda spreading in different parts of the world.

Tolerance and diversity refer to a way of thinking about, and behaving toward, other people irrespective of their physical or social characteristics.

As African women, we are taught to embrace each other and celebrate our unity as individuals and as active participants in any society we find ourselves.

Most of us grew up with neighbors who shared different ethnicity and religion, yet we learnt to embrace our universality as one.

Today, we are forced to deal with the biases and ill treatment of individuals who don’t share certain beliefs in different parts of the world.

The African mother in diaspora has to work hard to teach her children about tolerance and diversity because they face certain challenges due to the colour of their skin and sometimes something as ridiculous as pronunciation of their names.

We need to have more conversations about tolerance and diversity, we need to ask more questions and we need to stimulate more interesting discussions.

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