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Woman Means Confidence


Woman Means Confidence


What gives you the assurance that after taking that leap of faith, you will succeed? What makes you so sure that tomorrow would be better than today?

In the midst of all these doubts and uncertainties, Confidence is the fuel that drives you each and every single day towards success.

In this post, six women tell us about Confidence, what it means to them and why it has been the most important catalyst for their success.

Omobolanle Adeyemo

In my own definition, a confident woman is one who is very comfortable in her own skin and in her own shoes. She is the woman who oozes an aura of self-security around her. She is not afraid to declare her mistakes, yet she goes a step further to use her mess as a message for others. She has an ambition about her, a determination, motivation and perseverance and continuously achieves her goals.

She is that woman with a huge smile and warm ambiance and aura about her. She’s got that posture of charge and control. She doesn’t put others down, those who seem different to her, rather she understands that everyone has her own place. She has a sexual lure about her, but one that doesn’t mean promiscuous. She is poised, assertive and classy.

She’s learnt that you have to let go of your timidities and self-doubts in order to discover the passion and possibilities; the woman who has been able to curb her fears and reach for the starts in her life’s pursuit. She’s living life on purpose and understands her gifts and is willing to share them. She knows her style and works it well. Being fashionable or popular is not on her list of priorities, yet she owns whatever room she walks into because she wears her confidence as a badge of honor!

Finally, a confident woman is that woman who is constantly growing, relentlessly thriving to be better. She is always on her toes, working and contributing her own quota to the world; knowing it’s her time and her place to stand up and do that very thing that she has been called to do.

Omobolanle Adeyemo, Quantity Surveyor

Abisola Adeyemo

Confidence is pulling through even when all is falling apart.

Abisola Alonge, Bhees Images

Omotayo Atinuke Junaid

“Stepping out against all odds”

Omotayo Atinuke Junaid, Impressions by Neriah

Ladi Confiden

Confidence is something that grows. When you know your strengths and work on them, it develops you. Confidence can also be owning up to your weaknesses helps you not to commit to things you know you can’t do, asking for help when necessary and helps you to improve.

Confidence for me also means loving myself for who I am, and for who I am not.

Ladi Aladee Ad’Ofikwu, Just You Boutique


Confidence is a genre of quiet strength. It’s a quality that comes with knowing your onions. It’s beyond the society’s definition of being on top of your game because sometimes, at face value, a confident person would not have it all together but there is this inner assurance that you are going to get back on your ‘A’ game eventually, be it tomorrow or next year.

Omokejiola Olafimihan, Ara Bella Makeover


Confidence is staring out of the window during a rainy night, looking into the darkness and seeing light. Confidence is knowing that when life throws you lemons, you will always make lemonade or better still Zobo!

Jumoke Adekanye, The Content Enterprise


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