Women share views on why they change hairstyles often


Some women in Lagos have said that they changed their hairstyles often because it enhanced physical attributes and contribute to how they looked.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that it was an important aspect of image transformation because women did not want to have the same look all year round.

Switching hairstyles, they noted, was also important because of the health of the hair, self image, and finances.

According to them, the health of the hair, a couple of hairstyles put pressure on the scalp thereby hindering the growth of the hair and making hair follicles weak.

A Hairstylist and Wigmaker, Busayo Adesoji, told NAN that styles like tight Braids and Dreadlocks could stress the hair and cause weakening.

“If you have a style like braids on, you’ll end up with stressed and painful scalp. There will be a strain on hair follicles which can lead to follicle damage and inflammation.

“A good hair stylist can help to detect when the hair is weak and also make recommendations on the appropriate styles to make,” she said.

She added that protective styles could help to keep the hair in good health.

“I advice my clients that if they will change their style often, they should go for protective styles like Box Braids, Crochet, Bantu Knots, Cornrows, Ghana Braids, Faux Locs and the likes. It not only protects the hair but also helps it to grow longer and stronger.”

She noted that women could do the traditional “Adimole” with their natural hair, then wear a wig.

Box braids are hair braids which are characterised by “boxy” or square-shaped hair divisions. They can also be created by adding in synthetic braiding hair.

This hairstyle is a means of protective styling which are styles that protect hair follicles from damage and promotes hair growth.

Box Braid

A retired civil servant, Toyin Falodun, said that when she was younger, “Adimole” was used to protect the hair and some oils were applied to restore shine.

“Coconut oil and Shea butter work perfectly for the hair. They are natural products that don’t cause damage. I still use them for my daily hair routine.

“This generation should avoid using chemical-based products on their hair. They should also stay away from heat appliances that damage the hair. The long term effects can be heartbreaking,” she said.

For a farmer, Tinuola Adewoyin, who believes that ladies are now going back to styles that were trending in the 90’s: “It’s a thing of joy to see that young ladies have started embracing their natural hair. They have realised how harmful chemicals are to the health of the hair.

“A lot of them now buy locally made products like Shea butter, palm kernel oil and coconut oil for their hair.”

But it is also known that a change of hairstyle can help to boost the self esteem of a woman. and improves her appearance as well as how others perceive her.

Modupeola Adekanye, a student, told NAN that having unkempt and dishevelled hair makes people think you lack proper grooming.

“I don’t want people to see me as that kind of person because it will definitely affect my self esteem.

“When people think you don’t give priority to your hygiene regarding your hair, your confidence in dealing with them will be greatly affected,” she added.

A fashion designer, Tope Olawoore, said she didn’t keep a style on for more than a month.

She said that changing her style often helped her to look different and more confident.

“Apart from being hygienic, I don’t like having the same look on. Changing my hairstyle regularly gives me a totally different look and makes me feel younger.”

A cloth seller, Pelumi Oreofe, said that showing in a public gathering with dirty and smelly hair could be very embarrassing.

“You have all eyes on you and you can’t even talk with confidence. No woman should fall a victim of this.

“When a style is on for too long, the hair starts to smell as a result of sweat and dirt. The scalp should be pampered,” she said.

She added that it was unhygienic for a woman to have smelly hair and that if women couldn’t fix their hair often, they should endeavor to wash their natural hair weekly to keep it fresh and clean.

However, nobody wants be in debt as a result of constant change of looks. Women should consider their finances before changing their hairstyle.

Hairstylist, Joy Alabi, told NAN that women who make expensive styles and wigs don’t come back as often as those who make very cheap styles.

She said that she would not even advise them to change a style they spent a fortune on early.

“When my clients spend as much as N50,000 on a particular style, they don’t come back for a change till about two months.

“They make sure they wear that style for a long period because of the amount they spent on it,” she said.

A caterer, Olajuwon Ebenmosi, said that only ladies who were under pressure from friends would spend a fortune on hair.

“Most young girls want to fix expensive hair and patronise expensive hairstylists. At the end, they start dating men as old as their fathers to achieve their aim.

“It’s okay to look good but don’t put a hole in your pocket in the process,” she said. (NAN)

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